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A Pirate's Life - Day 4 - Week 3 - Mark Day School

Mark Day Pirates (2018), Mark Day/San RafaelDavid St. MartinComment

Our ship is about to set sail, our Hideaway is almost complete! Today we performed the delicate operation of flipping the giant hull of the ship and installing the massive mast. We made major progress on the tunnel system as well, so there's a chance we'll actually be finished in time! 

We spent some time in morning circle talking about our goals for the week, and reflecting on the fact that our goals do not include finishing anything. They include trying harder than usual, collaborating, making mistakes we learn from and building bigger than ourselves. We dearly want to finish though! We'll use the other goals to propel us toward finishing, and no matter how far we get, we'll have a good story to tell, and a set of more important goals to think about. 

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