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Giant Games - Day 5 - SF Day Camp

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Today was the last day of our first week of Tinkering Day Camp SF! We had a great time kicking the summer off with Giant Games as our theme!

We also did our first test run of incorporating more learning about how things move, mechanisms, and simple machines into our tinkering weeks. We saw some wheels and axles included in projects this week and we will continue to iterate with this teaching, trying new ways to introduce the simple machines to tinkerers. Keep checking our blog this summer to learn how we experimented with this.

As always, in Tinkering School, we focus on the process rather than the product each week. With that in mind, we want to share photos that illustrate how our tinkerers met the four goals of Tinkering School this week. In our earlier blog post we shared examples of how tinkerers made mistakes and learned from them, which is one of our goals. Another goal is to build something bigger than yourself - both literally and metaphorically. Here are some photos of the tangible big things we made this week including the giant Connect 4 game, the Pinball Go Kart game, and the Crossy Road (the new Frogger) game:

(Click or swipe to scroll through photos in these slideshows...)

Another Tinkering School goal at Day Camp SF is to try harder than usual. Here are some photos of our tinkerers doing just that this week...

And the fourth goal we have at Tinkering School Day Camp is to collaborate and make friends. Many great collaborations happened this week and new friendships were created too! Here are some photos:

Be sure to watch our blog next week to learn more about our second week of Tinkering Camp this summer. Also don't forget to see our Day Camp Flickr Page for many more photos from this week of tinkering! Have a great weekend everyone!

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