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Moving Animals - Day 4 - Week 5 - SF Summer Day Camp

Moving Animals (2018), San Francisco Day CampBrendon BellComment

The animals are coming to life and it's beginning to look like a zoo here at our San Francisco day camp! With the end of the week fast approaching, the project teams enthusiastically dove back into their work.

Our giant unicorn was given a face and a fur coat today! For fans of "How to Train Your Dragon," is it just me or could our unicorn be a cousin of Toothless the dragon? 


The team working on the unicorns legs made large strides as well in designing and building our unicorns forward movement mechanism. It will involve six legs, four with wheels and two that provide the forward propulsion. Can't wait to see how it all works! 


The jelly fish team meanwhile worked hard on assembling the jelly's tentacles. They will all be able to move up and down and wiggle with the help of some pulleys and rope.


The team was even able to finish the frame for the jelly's head and raise it in the air! Soon it will appear to be floating and bobbing through the air as if its in water. Our tinkerers had a chance to learn about pulleys and how adding additional pulleys to create a block and tackle system allows us to lift heavy objects with ease.


Our angry birds team tested several different variations of their bird launcher. 


With a rope and pulley, tension is built up and then a pin holding down the basket is pulled to release the catapult arm and send our birdies flying through the air. 


Another bird team worked hard on constructing some wheels and a pedal system similar to a paddle boat. 


To flatten parts of a metal pipe, they used a giant vice. Only thing is they didn't have enough leverage at first...what to do? Make a longer lever! They figured out that using a pipe to extend that vice handle worked like a charm.


Our ramp bird launch team made huge progress both on assembling and covering their bird as well as building a 20 foot launch ramp! Will it fly??? We'll soon find out!


Stay tuned to see these awesome animals' first steps, wiggles, and attempts at flight! And to see more from our productive day, don't forget to visit our Flickr page!

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