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The Best Part

Sean Murray

Talia showed up at 8:30 sharp for her first day of Tinkering School.

She'd seen (via this blog) the massive slides, forts, sculptures, karts and gizmos that previous campers had built. So, when she walked into a (relatively) empty space with only tools and raw materials--definitely no two-storey forts, she was surprised.

"Where's all the stuff?"

Kai, who'd tinkered in a previous session, explained,

"We take everything apart after camp, then we start again."

"You don't keep the stuff, to play with?"

"Nah. Building it is the best part."

* * *

Below are some images of a typical Monday at Tinkering School.

We learn to use tools, many that are totally new to us. 9242016279<em>bc1b7a5a32</em>c.jpg
We meet new people, and plan what we will build together. 9242016279<em>bc1b7a5a32</em>c.jpg
And we get to work! 9242016279<em>bc1b7a5a32</em>c.jpg

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