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Week 5, Day 6 - We play.

Sean Murray

On the last day there is always a bit of a tizzy and a panic. Finishing details, things still aren't working, and the parents are coming. It's a little daunting, and a lot motivating.

We played with at least 3 iterations of erupting volcano. Moved entire laval flows. Finished boulders. Finished up every obstacle, created 3 totally new ones, and collectively decided the order of the run.

We finished boulders 9397904076<em>1c32080d81</em>c.jpg

We tried to get more power out of our fan to make the volcano erupt 9397905710<em>bbd08bcab1</em>c.jpg 9395139771<em>882a204e50</em>c.jpg 9397907640<em>0116a61f0d</em>z.jpg 9395172281<em>b28384e05b</em>c.jpg

Getting the lava in place 9397912472<em>757298cfdd</em>c.jpg

Then we played in our creations, and it was fun.

9395149925<em>eee30ea519</em>c.jpg 9395151449<em>2cc1b90aa3</em>c.jpg 9397919524<em>96a3ff2926</em>c.jpg 9395153835<em>d9f193fd93</em>c.jpg 9397921640<em>684dc69d11</em>c.jpg 9397925736<em>e244354c63</em>c.jpg 9397932624<em>08ae993717</em>c.jpg 9397940874<em>d14f200fe8</em>c.jpg 9395175969<em>e101016d52</em>b.jpg 9397944940<em>e7bee2ff69</em>b.jpg

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