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Tinkering School On Site at Khan Lab School

Sean Murray

Last week, the students and teachers at Khan Lab School in Mountain View took a week to build some very big things and tackle thorny problems.

The team got together some basic tools, very simple materials, a nice big outdoor space and a whole week of time. 

It was awesome to see how readily the kids helped one another learn new skills.

We also got to have the wonderful group experience of setting up shop each morning, and breaking down in the afternoon. It's awesome to watch hundreds of objects (and hundreds of pounds of objects) move so swiftly from one place to another--all due to teamwork!

Below find photos of the week; for even more photos, head on over to our Flickr.

Start with the basics...drill training.

We started with 100 2x3s and 3 sheets of plywood.

Megan carries a go-kart deck.

Melaina and Luke mark a cut for the ramp.

Tristan drills an axle hole.

Riya and Isabelle used the Japanese pullsaw to lop of the tops of the pickets on the ramp's guardrail.

Jasper, Milan and Isabella work on a staircase up to the ramp.

Alicia and Megan work on steering.

Chi-Ray, our brave leader, about to roll into the unknown...  This was our first test. He lived!

Cate rips plywood for a tool storage cabinet.

Of course, we had to make a finish line! Zidaan leads the pack in an impromptu race.

Some of the KhanAcademy.org staff got in on the action--a perfect diversion during their Hack Week.

Mishal, Milan, and Hermione Granger help set up shop (Friday was Halloween).

Building in the rain was tough...go slow, be safe, hang tarps!

Undeterred by the rain, Riya marks a cut for the bleachers.

The bleacher crew does not stop for rain!

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