Tinkering School

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Putting It All Together

Sean Murray

Building the individual components of our Rube Goldberg contraption is pretty tough.

Leo and Lindsay test the bowling ball ski jump.

Getting all those parts to work together is even tougher. 

Max cutting a plate to receive the weight that will operate the chop saw.

Right now we have a plinko machine, a marble run tower, a chemistry=powered balloon rocket, giant dominoes, a bowling ball ski jump and a big swingin' boot.

Raising the 360-degree marble run tower,

We have one day left to get all the components working together with the hopes of a chain reaction ending with the human-free operation of a chopsaw.

The boot that will start it all.

The great thing about Tinkering School is it's very open-ended. We have no idea how or whether this thing is going to work. We're just gonna try really hard and see what happens

Technical drawing.

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