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The First Day of Tinkering School

Sean Murray

Today was the first day of summer here at Tinkering School. Thirty-six kids and seven collaborators came together to start a week of building awesome things together.

Kevin drills, Justin drives.

We started by meeting one another and coming up with a Group Agreement--that is, a description of how we want to treat one another to ensure a fun, safe week.

A big group circle to agree how we want to treat one another.

Next, we moved on to tool training, where kids learned the basics of the drills, chop saw and clamps. For many kids, it was their first time using real tools. And veterans were awesome about helping others and giving encouragement.

Maisy clamps.

Orin, another happy clamper. 

Pieke, master of the clamp.

Collaborator Lindsay helps kids use the chop saw safely.

After a morning of tool training, we head to the park to run around and play in the sun.

Games at the park.

After park and lunch, we gather together to find out exactly what we'll be building with our new skills. This week's theme is: 


We start by drawing out ideas.

Eli, Hugo and Kielson wrap their heads around a launch tower and space shuttle.

When we have a clear goal of what to build, it's time to move on to the real thing.

James, Miles, Elliot and Hugo add bracing to one side of the launch tower.

Oliver and Nikki cut tubing for space boots.

Ellen paints a space helmet.

Stay tuned as we work on the spaceships, launch towers, control panels and spacesuits for our Mission to Outer Space here and check out loads more photos here.

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