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WHEELS! - Monday

Sean Murray

Today was the first day of a whole week focused on those things that make the world go 'round: Wheels!

The diameter of the Wheel of Fortune will be exactly one Nikki.

We started by coming together with a Group Agreement, describing how we will treat one another, the space and the tools. Then we practiced using the chopsaw, drills, clamps, measuring tapes, and even the paintbrushes and palettes.

Morgan, Emilia, Jonah and Nick's clamp-a-ma-jig.

Jessica and Adia help themselves to some tempera.

After a trip to the park and some lunch...

Pieke climbs.

...we started in on our first big projects for the week. 

We're trying to think outside the cart--first projects include working on a double-decker bus, a zipline between two towers (think of the wheels that ride along the cable) and a Wheel of Fortunes (to help us answer life's big questions, like "should I use three clamps or four?"

Mel's gang talks through sketches of a double-decker bus.

Adia, Jessica, Lulu and Diana start a frame for a cart.

Stay tuned here for more, and check out the full photo archive on our flickr.

A good day ends with a good cleanup.

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