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WHEELS! - Tuesday

Sean Murray

Today we made big progress on big projects.

Kevin, Henry and Kielson pull Lulu and James on a cart they made this morning.

We cut parts for the Wheel of Fortune and started assembling them into an octagon.

Jude and Natalia start in on the Wheel of Fortune.

Maisy looks skeptical, but...

...the wheel comes together nicely!

There was lots of very precise framing for the double decker bus.

Elliot and Roosevelt, brothers in drills.

Jonah and Nora frame the double decker bus. Happy birthday, Nora.

The bus has to be strong enough to hold a lot of passengers, so attention to detail and design are key.

We're also building some tall towers for use with a zipline. 

Rowan, Travis, James, Thijs and Ryan lift the zipline tower.

Adria lifts a 4x4 for the zipline tower.

Each tower consists of a platform to stand on and a ladder.

Lots of small teams have formed and are working on their own wheels.

Quentin uses the pullsaw.

Nathan and Hugo play with Sebastian's dumbwaiter.

Marina gives Henry a hand.

Emilia and Sebastian found a wooden pulley they liked, and built a dumbwaiter.

One story from the day: Jessica and Morgan needed to clamp two boards, but Jessica didn't want to use the clamps--one had pinched her finger yesterday. Big sister Morgan walked her through using the clamp, pinch-free.

Jessica clamps!

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