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Big Wheels

Sean Murray

Our week of wheels is getting really, really big.

The hotwheels track works! Noah is stoked!

We covered the Wheel of Fortune in a think skin of plywood.

Jude, Nora, Natalia, Cecilia and James sheath the wheel of fortune.

Then we painted the different segments.

The first splashes of color.

Wait 'til you see it in person.

We re-enforced the framing of the double-decker bus' walls, so that builders could work on both platforms simultaneously...

Nick adds extra bracing to the upper deck of seats.

Emilia and Owen--split-level construction!

...and began decorating and painting it. This might be the largest wooden vehicle we've built here at camp!

The giant hot wheels track is up and running. This was a precision build, combining stiff framing and pliable doorskin. Playing with it was really fun, we'll add more track tomorrow.

Rowan gets ready to test the track.

Tomorrow's our last day!

Roosevelt and Elliott took turns on the jigsaw.

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