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Last Day of Wheels

Sean Murray

This was a very fun week. Small people built some massive projects, including a double-decker bus...

The double decker bus was over eight feet tall, with four seating platforms--and it actually rolled.

Vehd climbs the ladder to the upper deck.

...a giant hot wheels track...

Some of the impacts knocked off the guard rails!

...a fortune-telling wheel...

Pieke and the wheel.

Natalia and Jude use the hammers and nails--very rare at our (proudly) screw-centric shop. Note the form--Nat is choking up to set her nail, Jude has her hand way back on the handle to drive.

Peike and Maisy. I believe this spin landed on

...and, of course, there was the zipline:

The zipline covered about forty feet, descending, starting from a twelve-foot platform.

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