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Balance: Day 2

Sean Murray

The second day of Tinkering Schools is very different from the first.

Maya uses the drill press for a mobile part.

On the first day, we have a slow build. We talk over group agreements, train on the tools, and flesh out design ideas. A lot needs to happen before the first cuts can be made!

Miller uses the jigsaw.

On the second day, we get right down to work after a brief morning meeting. The excitement is pretty big--on day two (and for the rest of camp) we get right down to the best part--building!

Micah, Thomas, Mason,Chelsea, Sophia and super-volunteer Jhonny work on the fulcrum of a giant Scales of Justice.

This week's theme is BALANCE. We've started in on a maze of balance beams, a giant mobile, a lattice of smaller mobiles and a gigantic scales of justice.

Zoey and Jah-Amiel.

Stay tuned for more!

Charlotte holds up what will be the bottom of a platform, for placing objects on the giant Scales of Justice.

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