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Monster City Rising

Sean Murray

Monster City is going through a period of rapid growth.

The modest cardboard suburbs are now dwarfed by towering (twelve feet!) cardboard towers.

The growth shows no signs of stopping--as kids see the city sprawl, they get interested and join in, making a few houses. It's cool to see building techniques develop and spread among the team.

The giant moving Godzilla is being built in several parts. Some members of the team focused on the spikes that run the length of Godzilla's spine, while other started adding wheels to the base and framing the limbs.

And then, there is the Chrysler Building, King Kong's playground. To match the reflective deco panels of the steel version in New York City, the team developed a cool new method:

They watered down Elmer's glue, then spread the weak adhesive over cardboard, then adhered aluminum foil to teh cardboard. So now, the team is able to cut panels with the reflectiveness of aluminum foil and the rigidity of cardboard.


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