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Kong Scales Chrysler Building as Godzilla Thrashes CardBoard City

Sean Murray


A series on monstrous events struck Tinkering School today--luckily no bystanders were harmed. First, King Kong (who looked very similar to Galicia, wearing a rubber mask) appeared and climbed the spire of the Chrysler Building. The great ape roared and beat its chest, and swatted at aircraft.

The nearby metropolis of Cardboard City was not spared from the monster invasion. Just moments after Kong descended the spire (and Galicia mysteriously re-appeared), a giant Godzilla with a rotating head, moving arms and snapping jaws marched, slowly, through Cardboard City. No buildings were spared.

"Why did we build the city so close to Godzilla?" lamented city planner Nathan Savoy.

For photos of the eventful day, and the days leading up to it, check out our flickr.

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