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Dinosaurs (2016)

DINOSAURS!!!! Session 1 - Day 1

Dinosaurs (2016)Lindsay Jones1 Comment

What are all these kids doing?!

Working together!!!

From the beginning of training all through the day, these kids shared ideas with enthusiasm and respect. They shared tools and helped others when asked.

The projects they started today are some Flying Ptera Things, Dino Scooters, and Dino Nest!

All of the groups started out with complex tinkering right off the bat. 

The Pteras laid out their complex wing structure on the floor and started measuring angles to cut out of wood tomorrow.

The Dino Scooter team started prototyping to test out how our wheel options will best suit their end goal.

The Nest team figured out a twiggy pattern to begin and made 2 layers already! While the rest of the team started laying some Egg plans. They tested out some interesting materials to use to make round objects!

We kicked this week off with some hard core tinkering - I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!

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