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Juniors The River (2016)

Cross the River - Friday!!!!

Juniors The River (2016)Amanda SimonsComment

What an intense building week at Junior Day Camp! We can hardly believe we made it to Friday!

The morning was our final building session and it was important for us all to GO SLOW. When we are running out of time to do things that we want to do, too often we will rush, make silly mistakes (the kind that maybe we should have ALREADY learned from), or even get hurt. We were mindful to slow down and focus on collaborating instead of finishing the project. In fact, we even talked about how finishing the projects is NOT one of our four Tinkering School goals!

Cross the River - Thursday!

Juniors The River (2016)Amanda SimonsComment

It turns out that it's really hard to cross an imaginary river. It's really hard to build a bridge and a train out of precut wood using teamwork and hardwork and lots of planning. We've spend the last two days making some big progress on these projects, despite that it's been really, really, hard!

Tomorrow, we wrap everything up and show it off in the afternoon, and I can't wait to see what happens!

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