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Shipwrecked (2015)

Notes from an Island (Shipwrecked) WEEK 9, Day 5

Shipwrecked (2015)Rachel EconomyComment

Day 5: What's Real

To the kids of Tinkering School: as you have probably figured out, I do not exist.

That's okay.

What does exist, what is real, is your hard work. The help you gave to friends is real. The help friends give to you is real.

This may happen to you again in your life- a time when a PRETEND story can help you achieve REAL good work.

So, after you are done disassembling your awesome crow's nest, wrecked boat, and island, when we leave here today, believe this story:

The world is a good place, full of wonderful people, and we can work together to make it even better.

With love,

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