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Stolen Unicorn (2016)

Stolen Unicorn - Session 7 - Day 2

Stolen Unicorn (2016)Caroline MartinComment

It's Tuesday! We're ready to get to work and use all the tools we learned about yesterday. The first thing to do is have a design meeting with our small groups.

We also spend some time learning more about the materials we're using. What's the best way to use a screw? How do we know which length to use? One of the best ways is to just put it next to the wood and take a look.

Attaching support legs to our post designs is more fun than we thought!

Our beloved chop saw in action. Today is all about the angle cuts.

The 8-foot posts will be used for the laser trap. One tinkerer has come up with an elegant design.

We're also getting really good with the speed square. It takes all the guesswork out of making nice boxes.

The Up The Tower team starts asking about pulley systems. Let's test them out!

Our research team has been trying their hardest to find out more about Dr. Pilfer's lab fortress and any weaknesses it may have. It turns out the teams have more challenges than they originally thought.

During lunch, Dr Pilfer strikes again. This time, she steals a whole bunch of our drills! We're left with only 10 to work with (and there's 30 of us!), so we agree to work together the best that we can to power through the afternoon build session.

Another build session, another design meeting. Math is happening, and no one seems to mind.

The band saw gets some good use today, and everyone has a job.

Meanwhile, more research on pulleys continues in the back...

By the end of the day, we realize we may not have many drills, but we have an excellent team set on taking down Dr Pilfer and her scheming ways. 

Stolen Unicorn - Session 7 - Day 1

Stolen Unicorn (2016)Caroline MartinComment

Welcome to another exciting week here at Tinkering School Day Camp! We've got a tricky situation on our hands this week, but first! It's time for introductions and group agreements on how we'll be working with each other in this space for the week.

We come up with a bunch of good ones. Once we're all agreed, we sign our names to seal the deal.

That's done, so it's on to learn about all the awesome tools we'll be using. Our main tools are chop saws, drills, and clamps, so we cover them first.

And then we're off to play and eat lunch! The nearby park is a great place to hang with new friends.

And even the collaborators start monkeying around.

When we come back from lunch, we're eager to learn about this week's project. Unfortunately, we're met with tragedy.

The evil Dr. Pilfer has stolen a prized possession: a unicorn head made by tinkerers of the past. Obviously she has nefarious plans for this unicorn head, considering all the magical attributes of a unicorn horn. In her note, Dr. Pilfer warned of a tall tower, a dangerous moat full of hungry pets, and a laser beam trap, and then she also called us some mean names. How dare she.

We split into three groups to tackle the issue: Tower, Moat, and Lasers.

The Laser team will be creating a simulation laser system so that the recovery team can practice avoiding, and potentially disabiling, the lasers. Here, they draw out what they think it might look like, and some possible solutions.


The Moat team discusses a few different problems, since they can't touch the moat (what with the crocodiles and alligators), and they need to build something tall enough to avoid the 4-foot jumping ability of the toothy creatures. 

And the Tower team has their own set of troubles. How will they even measure the bit of land available for them to build on when they have no way to cross the moat yet?

All too soon, it's time to clean up. The tinkerers have a lot to think about, and there's rumors that Dr. Pilfer isn't finished with us just yet...


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