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Day 5 - A Long Day

2013 Session 2 - MiddlesJoshua RothhaasComment

Breakfast was over by 8am. Rejuvenated from beach day it was time to keep tackling the same small but important problems. Secure wheel boxes, a solid hitch, and some groups working with swivel wheels had to trial and error their way to success. Some still haven't got everything working. Iterate, test, iterate test. Lunch was short and the day carried on full speed. 6 hours later it was dinner time. Then we worked until well after sunset still tweaking and fiddling. We gathered around a bon fire in the late evening and went to bed at 11pm. It was an amazing day. And now, we have 1 more hour to put on the finishing touches before we take our campers on a 4 mile run on the Half Moon Bay Adventure trail.

More on yesterday and more on today, later today.

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