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Day Four - Beach Day

2013 session 4 - JuniorsJoshua RothhaasComment

There is a lot of love for our beach day tradition. This week we needed it. The tinkering required for our project is fine and full of little adjustments. Even with down hill tests underway, a break from the project is a good idea. It reduces stress, and makes room for the brain to do even better problem solving. At breakfast we set out the plan. Eat up, play with the chickens and and on the swing, make our sandwiches for lunch later, pack up, head out. Easy. After reminding the kids to bring their swim suit even if they don't think they are going in, double check that everyone has water, and triple check we all have towels, we head out the door.

Without prompt or explanation, the crew starts digging a hole.

D7K 8792 2

D7K 8802 2

And soon, the project is abandoned. Beach day is just perfect for this kind of fits and starts creation. Try a thing out, explore its limits, engage, or don't.

D7K 8803 2

Our "fort" sufferes a similar fate. D7K 8804 2

The sun is out and we are lucky to have what might be the nicest beach day all summer. With the warmth promising us a cozy return, we dive into the frigid ocean waters.

D7K 8805

D7K 8822

D7K 8828

D7K 8846

Many are quick to remind Josh how many times he had said "Don't forget your bathing suit" only to have forgotten his. D7K 8847

D7K 8848

D7K 9003

D7K 9015

D7K 9021

Beach run

After so much splashing and playing, a little rest a a few naps, the tinkering spirit is renewed. A raft was in the future.

D7K 9025

Nik and Nick begun gathering the wood they will need for their raft. D7K 9042

Oren starts working on a prototype D7K 9043

Nik and Nick find a crab. D7K 9053

Bryn helps Oren prep some lashing. D7K 9103

Ana busts out some yoga. D7K 9111

Amedeo takes the stage as others prepare for another splash. D7K 9114

Christie, on of our amazing collaborators. D7K 9149

Nik and Nick imagining how successful their raft will be.

D7K 9181

D7K 9183

Christie shows us how to make nearly-perfectly-round sand spheres. D7K 9194

The raft is ready for launch.

D7K 9236


[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/72395866 w=500&h=281]

Raft Launch from Tinkering School on Vimeo.

The final result. D7K 9262

Our lashing technique needs some work. The most obvious lesson was that we needed more twine.

D7K 9266

Rory makes a sand sphere. D7K 9268

Josh finds a sweet cup rolling in the waves. D7K 9271

And on our way back, after we are back on campus and at a safe cursing speed, we enjoy a ride on the outside of the car. A long time favorite.

D7K 9289

D7K 9293

Tomorrow, its back to work.

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