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Session A: Day 4

2015 Session A - JuniorsSerena G-H1 Comment

The morning starts off right where we left off, as we head back to work on the projects. 

Even the Junior Collaborators are excited. 

Rhody carries the wheel base her cart team assembled. 

Rhody carries the wheel base her cart team assembled. 

The ramp team is bound and determined to get there ramp up today. Construction works best with a pair, and even better with two pairs, as they've discovered. 

A finished cart poses as a table — perfect for setting clamps and drills down on. 

Lilah, thinking. 

Marco has passed Josh's knife safety test, and is back to discovering the joys of whittling. 

The cart, upright and ready to roll, all four wheels attached now. 

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Primo and his drill

We all agree that this photo comes close to capturing Sayer. He's rocking the orange highlights in his glasses and head sets, and his great hat, but it's more about the posture and expression. Notice the hole in the top of his hat - so Sayer.

We each prepare for a big moment in a project in different ways. 

Althea prays. 

Sawyer summons...

And the wall rises up. Our collaborators are superheroes, calling a band of tinkerers into action. 

Portrait of a Tinkerer's hand: Drilling in tight spaces can be tricky. 

At  Elkus (our previous camp location), the kids had the chance to take goat breaks. Here, the scooters substitute for the goats. Kids need the chance to take a break from the project and regroup, and this is one of the ways to channel some playful energy before refocusing. 

Portrait of a Tinkerer: Alexandra in tiger paint and safety goggles. 

Sayer, ready for action. 

The collaborator/tinkerer relationship is special. Rhody and Teagen work on a joint. 

Tinkerers gather round as we get ready for our first cart test. 

Portrait of a Collaborator: Lindsay in a calm moment of writing. 

Josh, our daily goat, in a moment of glee. Since we no longer have goats to post daily pictures of, we'll just post a Josh picture  instead. 

The day transitions from project work to beach day. The kids gather, getting ready to leave. 

We arrive at the beach to beautiful weather, and set up camp under a pop-up tent. 

Lee shows off his "mussels" 

The kids play games with the waves — ankles in, ankles out, a game of back and forth.

Beach day creates unity, a place away from the predetermined groups at camp. Allison joins the boys as they brave the waves. 

Beach day is relaxing, it gives us the chance to rejuvenate, take a break, regroup. 

Tomorrow, we start again.

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