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Session B: Day 1

2015 Session B - JuniorsLauren Byunn-Rieder5 Comments

We arrive at camp and see our beautiful space.

The girls get settled in and start getting to know each other.

Josh gives a tour. First we have the lumber tent, with piles of stacked wood.

Then shelves with lots and lots of assorted stuff,

and a well-stocked tool wall.

The playground is pretty cool too.

Your Daily Collaborator: Bros for life

The cafeteria is pretty exclusive: only people with washed hands are allowed in.

After dinner, we decide to go on a hike.

Winter found a beetle!

We set it free though.

At the top of the hike, we hang out a bit, explore off the beaten path.

We head back down and go to bed. The project is yet untold, so everyone is excited for tomorrow's big reveal. 

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