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Session F: Day 1 - Hi, Lets Go For A Hike

2015 Session F - SeniorsJosh RothhaasComment

Day one started quietly. Getting to know you games where met with sincere participation, but minimal expressiveness. Few alumni, many new folks, and not to many pre-camp friendships leaves everyone a little nervous. Minds seem abuzz with social questions. What do we do? When do we do it? Is funny ok here? Or is this a serious place? Maybe it's a sarcastic place?

We work on names, play some games, learn the rules and expectations and start tool training. Tool training covers three basic tools. Chop-saw for cutting wood, drivers/drills for fastening wood, and clamps for making everything easier and better. Between games, rules and training staff is hoping kids catch on that this is a goofy-serious-sincere place.

Day one end with a night hike that takes us through sunset and involves an extended moment of silence up atop one of the big hills nearby. As the day closed, kids where loosening up and getting excited for the week ahead.  

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