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Session H: Day 4 - Lazing and Lizards

2016 Session H - All AgesCaroline MartinComment

Wednesday! We always take a break mid-week to go to the beach and have a day to reset, strengthen our friendships, and have fun. Today we head to San Gregorio, one of our favorite beaches for its driftwood constructions and lagoon. We arrived to find the lagoon completely full (sometimes it's just a little ankle-deep stream that we have to get across). After fording the lagoon, we set up base camp at one of the driftwood structures.

The beach is a great place to get out a whole bunch of energy. Max and G brought bits of wire to practice their sword fighting.

Merritt wastes no time jumping into the waters of the Pacific.

play - 9.jpg

And the Pacific wastes no time crashing into Braden.

Vivek challenges the ocean to a duel.

This group has some real water lovers. Izzy encourages everyone to jump in.

G isn't too sure about this cold water thing...

And Max is even less into it.

"Oh come on!"

He'll wait for his friends to come out.

Milo and G have become one with the sand.

Over at the lagoon, Daniel is helping Rayan and Caspar make a driftwood raft. They pump out version 1 quickly to see what issues they might have.

The problem is that it's not stable enough when they're all together in one row. It can sort of hold Caspar, but it starts to come apart.

Meanwhile, a group has found some lizards. This one is Frend. Frend enjoys spending time curled up on human hands.

He also likes riding around on Bryce's shoulder.

A rare sighting: photos of Dalia must be sneaky.

Caspar and Rayan take apart version 1 of the raft.

Ari strikes a pose with his newfound kelp.

play - 55.jpg

The Infamous Snake Gang turns up, with a mascot in Max's hands.

And Rayan finds another lizard! This one is Buddy.

Collaborator Jack is still soaked through from going through the lagoon in his jeans (always bring something to be wet in AND something to be dry in, kiddos!), so he convinces Caroline to have them start a small fire. A group gathers for the little bit of warmth and discussion.

Portrait of a Lizarder: Pal hangs out with Lucy.

Caspar cheeses with Buddy.

As the afternoon continues on, Daniel makes us all some peanut butter and honey sandwiches to keep our tummies full and happy.

Thalia is determined to roast this apple. She says you know it's done when the skin is black and flakey.

Apple now roasted, Thalia delights in eating it with honey.

Another member of the Infamous Snake Gang emerges! Lilah is all about this snake life.

Raft version 2 takes off, with two layers of driftwood, the bottoms acting as pontoons.

And it floats! Caspar pushes Rayan around as the clouds part to reveal a beautiful blue sky and blue water.

Lizards are officially high fashion. Caroline is wearing Buddy, by Nature.

Pal makes for a very handsome mustache on Lucy.


Caspar has one last ride on the raft before we pack it in for the day.

Back at camp, we finish the night with showers, bowls of chili, and a campfire. In the new dining tent, Gretchen suggests playing Honey I Love You, which keeps them all laughing for hours. We all agree we're having too much fun to go to bed juuust yet, so stay up a little later to bond and laugh more, and fall asleep with our bellies sore from giggles.

Blog written by Caroline.

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