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Session B Day 5 - Higher and Higher

Lauren Byunn-Rieder1 Comment

Now that we're refreshed after beach day, it's back to build we go! Lee gets ready by putting on sunscreen, the face paint of (happy, non-sunburnt) champions.

Creating treehouse platforms is hard when everything you're working on is above your head. Nisa and Gever bring a ladder.

A television crew from The Today Show visits camp, wanting to learn more about tinkering and how camp works. It's very exciting! The finished segment is set to air on July 20th.

Kablooi's highest tree platform needs a floor, so Akshay uses a circular saw to cut a piece of plywood.

The high platform quickly finds a use as up-tree storage for tools, screws, and gloves.

Spotted: a tinkerer in the wild!

Elizabeth helps Nisa add a back to her swivel-rocking chair.

Tinkering is hard work! Draw eats a quick snack.

Meanwhile, Piki's windmill is coming along nicely. They scaffold a roof deck, a chill area which fits the whole team.

The roof deck doubles as a high vantage point. Caroline and Liam scan the horizon, looking for a rescue boat.

Martha swings on the tire swing.

Portrait of the Hands of a Tinkerer: Katherine drives a screw into a support beam for her team's tree platform.

Lilly, Aman, and Niyati set up a cut for the outside of their boat.

But the windmill's roof deck is just a scaffold and doesn't have a complete floor. Caroline teaches Liam how to use a circular saw to cut a piece of plywood for a floor.

Meanwhile, Martha and Miles think about how to engineer the blades of the windmill. Ooh, dimensioned diagrams!

After we come back down the hill and eat dinner, we play card games (a Tinkering School tradition). BS is a favorite, along with Mao and a few others.

We also find foam, enough to make LARP-style soft weapons. Draw wraps her tube with tape.

The end result? ATTACK! Hayden is the reigning champion.

Play fighting is exhausting, so we soon head to bed. Many of us learned how to use a new tool, and we were able to bring to life the awesome ideas we had yesterday. We got a lot done today and can't wait to continue all of our exciting tinkering tomorrow!

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