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2018 Session G - All Ages

TSO-G- Day 1 - Sneak A Peek

2018 Session G - All AgesTinkering School StaffComment

Here at Tinkering School we have a blog for parents, relatives, and friends to see how camp works and how their camper is doing. In the next coming days we will be posting a blog every day on how the camp is progressing. 

The campers started to trickle in at around 3 pm, greeted by cookies, watermelon, and fun things to tinker with.

TSO-2018-F-0803 - 16.jpg

After all of the tinkerers arrived we circle up to discuss our favorite ice cream flavor, spirit tool, and the three rules of camp. 1: Don't hurt yourself or anyone else. 2: If you see a piece of fruit and you want it, you MUST eat it. 3: Every dispute must be resolved through ro-sham-bo.

We then headed up the hill for tool training. The 5 different stations were: Drills, Drill practice, Clamps, Chop Saw, and finally Daniel's Magical Tour (of the worksite). 

Alex swings joyfully on the tree swing. 

Alex swings joyfully on the tree swing. 

TSO-2018-F-0803 - 39.jpg

When all of the tool training was done, it was time to train in a different subject: mountain lions and what to do if they come near by you. As you can see above, Kaitlyn protecting herself from mountain lion PK. 

Brody's design for a hearth inside the yurts to keep them warm at night.

Brody's design for a hearth inside the yurts to keep them warm at night.

After a delicious dinner of chicken strips and potatoes, we continue on to the evening activity called sneak a peek! The game was to have one person go look at a structure by themselves, then come back to a team of builders who have the same materials as the structure and try to recreate verbally what it looks like so the teamates can rebuild it. 

TSO-2018-F-0803 - 46.jpg

After dinner we played a couple rounds of some rambunctious card games, have a cup of hot coco, and get ready for bed.  Everyone headed to bed pretty early in preparation for a big day tomorrow. 

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