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What does "finish" mean?

Vend It! (Spring 2015)Amanda SimonsComment

We had a lot to get done on Friday. It was the last day of the nine-week after school program, and our vending machine was a long way from functional! 

Everyone wanted to finish. Over the course of this journey, we kept hearing that everyone wanted to just finish the project. Well, we started the day by articulating what "finish" meant.

In terms of this project, finishing meant that we got to vend soda and chips. That we pushed a button, or turned a mechanism, and the items fell to a place where we could retrieve them. So we made a plan, split into teams, and worked with as much focus as we could muster on a Friday afternoon. 

The photos say it better than I ever could. 

We finished! It worked.

Tinkering School After School made a functional vending machine that dispensed soda and chips!

Coolest. Project. Ever!

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