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Work Hard, Play Hard

Slide (Spring 2015)Amanda SimonsComment

Sometimes, it's really, really, hard to concentrate when you know you're building something functional, exciting, and eventually really, really, fun to play with. 

Sometimes, it's really, really, hard to imagine that after 9 weeks of cutting, and drilling, and problem-solving, that you'll get a chance to play.

Sometimes, the work itself is really, really, hard. 

It's hard to drill and drive screws when you're attaching something above your shoulders. Just like it's really difficult to twist a clamp closed and secure when you've been gripping a drill for 60 minutes. 

It's hard to make giant holes in thick pieces of wood. And, it's difficult to work in close confines. Sometimes, working with other people is really, really, hard. 

Lifting and moving structures that are way taller than you requires lots of hands, and sometimes it's really, really, hard to work together as a team. And, sometimes the tasks are tedious. For example, it requires 4 eye hooks, and a 3 foot rod to connect a ladder to a platform? And then, we have to do the same to connect the slide? 

I can only speak for myself, but during these after school sessions, it's sometimes really, really, hard to imagine how these small builders keep their focus, attention, and energy up. It's sometimes really, really, hard to keep in mind that we're building something functional and fun. The work is hard. Almost every day. 

And then, on the last day of the Thursday session, we finished our project. In that moment, the Tinkerers suddenly transformed from hard working, focused, problem-solving, construction workers and innovators, and into laughing, smiling, screaming kids that were really, really, proud of their completed project!

Thursday Slide was a major success!

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