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BE A BUG! Design day!

Bug! (Winter 2016)Jay SimpsonComment

This week started off with a bizarre opening circle...

"Close your eyes... and imagine that if you looked down, instead of seeing your normal human legs you walked in with, you see BUG legs! And instead of seeing your normal human tummy you see a BUG abdomen!"  We were changing into bugs!!!

Our build theme for Monday Tinkering School sessions is "BE A BUG" and every week we will build towards this theme!

First, we drew pictures of all the bug-like things that came to mind during opening circle.

Then we used books from the library to help inspire more ideas and teach us the names for different bug parts.


Once we narrowed down the list of ideas for what we want to build onto our bug, we started to draw plans for what it could look like. And finally, we started brainstorming materials to use so we can experiment with our ideas next week!


Go to Flickr to see more photos from our session! (Updated weekly)

We look forward to next week when we'll start building!

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