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Tinkerer's Orchestra! Begin to Build

Orchestra (Winter 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

This week, we took our plans out of the realm of ideas and began to actualize some of the instrument designs we had brainstormed last session!

Our big group split into two, and one team set out to build the first ever Fern Xylophone!

Tinkerers decided to build with multi-length plastic tubes and pieces of wood to create the sound-making portions of the instrument. They met a special challenge when trying to secure in place round and wobbling plastic cylinders! In the end, it was nothing a few clamps, collaboration, and a little ingenuity couldn't figure out!

Meanwhile, Team 2 was intent on combining multiple ideas from the previous week's brainstorm. Their design includes a ramp, a moving car, a bell at the bottom, harp strings, and tinkling metal washers. 

They were pretty excited to create the frame for their ramp at the end of an afternoon of designing, consensus, cutting wood, measuring, drilling holes, and pushing screws!

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