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BE A BUG! Segments continued!

Bug! (Winter 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

This week we arrived at Tinkering School with a lot of work on our hands! Last Monday, we began building our bug segment prototypes, first draft designs of the body parts that would ultimately make up our mega bug! This week, we picked up right where we left off.

We reviewed our plans, made some sizing adjustments, and then got straight to building!

We made sure to connect our wood with nice right angles using squares and clamps.

And we pushed in a lot of screws!

By the end of the afternoon, we had two different bug segment frames to share with the group! The first was big enough for a Tinkerer or two to crawl inside of on their knees and push the bug body along with their hands. Next week, we'll attach wheels to the bottom and cut a shell on the band saw for the top!

The second group created a frame big enough for Tinkerers to stand in! They, too, imagined it would be people powered and move on wheels. 

After some testing, investigating, and conversing together, the Tinkerers decided to flip the frame on its side, imagining a super long segment instead of a super tall segment! This way, all of the Tinkerers of the day could fit inside! 

When this project comes together, we are going to have one whacky bug! Stay tuned as we build more segments, connect stuff together, and get more bug-y!

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