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Tuesday - Cyborgs- Last Day!

Cyborgs (Fall 2016)Frannie DiBonaComment

Today was our very last day to work on our cyborg projects! We planned out what we had to do and worked hard to the very last minute to accomplish our goals. We then showed off our hard work to our guests!

We split our board in two and decided on what needed to get done, and the order in which we should do it. Vac-Pac team opted for a larger amount of people, with two things going at once, while the smaller DASD (Drill-Arm Screw-Dispenser) team decided to get done just their top priorities. 

The DASD team starts off by finishing the body of their screw dispenser. Jaro attached the backing that will be used to attach the whole thing onto our drill arm!


The Vac-Pac team gets to work attaching their arm piece to the vacuum with plumbers clamps! Much sturdier than the previously used masking tape. 

After TONS of tries and many pieces of tiny broken plywood, the DASD team completes their tray! 

The finished screw dispenser!

Sophie experiments with making an extra controller for the Vac-Pac.

After we decided we were officially done, it was time for a serious group hug to congratulate and appreciate each other's hard work before the parents came.

It's testing time! Raj tries out the Vac-Pac while Nolan helps at the other end!

Between testing out our gadgets, we looked back at our originals designs and goals. We realized that even with deviating from our original drawings we were able to complete our original goals for our cyborg!

Even the parents got to try out our gadgets! It was great fun designing and building with this group, we hope to get to tinkering with them all again soon!

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