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Tuesday - Mini Session Day 3!

Lindsay JonesComment

It's the final day of our mini session and we have a lot of work to do and not much time!

Last week we made big plans and got the basics done. Today we have to put everything together: together enough that the other team can relax in our project!

Team 3 had some extra hands today and got right to connecting the front and back frames of their Hammock Chair!

Jaro and Santiago are putting plywood down on their giant frame from last week so team three can have a surface to sit on!

After Team 3 got the frames together they realized that there was no way it was sturdy enough to hold even person so we started adding supports on. We had some joint supports and large angular supports, even a few more vertical supports in the front!

Here Q is chopping a big fat 4X4 to make some legs for Team 4's giant chair. 

Jaro and Santiago install the legs!

Team 3's Hammock Chair needed fabric to support 4 kids.  They decided to use screws and washers to attach the fabric. First when they tried to drill the screws through the fabric - the fabric just twisted all around the drill and screw!

3 iterations of screwing fabric down from today's final After School session!

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They tried clamping the fabric down super tight on either side of where they wanted to drill and the same thing happened. After awhile of trying different things out Noe figured out that if the fabric was tight and they drilled with a "go-stop-go-stop" pattern then the fabric wouldn't have enough time to wrap around everything! Soon the whole team was fastening fabric to the frame!

By the end of the session we had two super comfy structures for each other to relax in!  We talked about how our finished product matched (or didn't) our beginning design drawings.

It doesn’t look like anything. It’s mostly math
— Ellis - on her teams design plans

We also shared stories about which TS goals we accomplished - the majority of which were a combination of Collaborating and Making Mistakes that we learned from.

This 3 day mini challenge was short and sweet! Thanks Tinkerers!!!!

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