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Tuesday- Mini Session Day 2!

Relax! (2016 3-Day)Frannie DiBonaComment

We started off our both second and second-to-last day by introducing our project; split into two teams, and each team build a structure that the entirety of the other team can relax on! 

First off, we have to wish Noe a happy birthday. Happy birthday Noe!

After opening circle, Team 4 and Team 3 (named for the number of people in each group) started to plan! They both have amazing ideas for their project, but we'll reveal those next week. These are Team 4's plans.

Here are Team 3's!

Kaya and Noe grab some 5-footers for their project!

August and Santiago clamp and drill supports into their large frame! They collaborated extremely well on this frame and we're able to complete it quickly!

Q looks for the right sized wood for their add-on to their main project.

Q and Ellis lay out their pieces on top of their plans, and screw together one corner before it's time to end! They got down to business fast on their side project and definitely tried harder than usual!

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