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Relax! (2016 3-Day)

Tuesday- Mini Session Day 2!

Relax! (2016 3-Day)Frannie DiBonaComment

We started off our both second and second-to-last day by introducing our project; split into two teams, and each team build a structure that the entirety of the other team can relax on! 

First off, we have to wish Noe a happy birthday. Happy birthday Noe!

After opening circle, Team 4 and Team 3 (named for the number of people in each group) started to plan! They both have amazing ideas for their project, but we'll reveal those next week. These are Team 4's plans.

Here are Team 3's!

Kaya and Noe grab some 5-footers for their project!

August and Santiago clamp and drill supports into their large frame! They collaborated extremely well on this frame and we're able to complete it quickly!

Q looks for the right sized wood for their add-on to their main project.

Q and Ellis lay out their pieces on top of their plans, and screw together one corner before it's time to end! They got down to business fast on their side project and definitely tried harder than usual!

Tuesday- Mini Session Day 1!

Relax! (2016 3-Day)Frannie DiBonaComment

It's the start of a new session! We have a short three day session, and today was spent learning how to "use the tools the way they're meant to be used" (Tinkering School Group Agreement #6)!

We like to ask "what was your face the last time you made a mistake" and Jaro shared this face with the group. Very positive response to a mistake!

Jacqueline makes a cut on the chop saw during chop saw training. She's got her hand out of the blood bubble, and all her gear on! Safety gear and a collaborator are the things we're required to have in order to use the chop saw. 

Drill training! Tyler puts a screw into Ellis' and his square! Excellent hand form!

Noe and Jacqueline create their square! Jacqueline drills while Noe helps to make sure it doesn't move! This is a great example of our goal to "collaborate"!

Nolan and Jaro show off their square! 

Ellis and Tyler show us how strong their square is! With only one screw in the corners, it's super moveable, but with two it becomes much stronger!

We go on to our third and final activity of the day, clamp training! Kaya and Jacqueline clamp their pieces onto the table with the blue clamps.

Santiago helps August clamp together some mitered pieces! And August figures out how to balance a 2x3 momentarily on an edge.

We decide to use every clamp we can and build an awesome structure that comes straight off our table! Ellis remarked, "it looks like a sea or a forest of clamps!"

It got super long! After this was done we cleaned up our clamps and next week we'll be learning what our project will be! We're all excited to start!

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