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Tuesday After School - Day 6

Puppet Show (Spring 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

Giant shoe construction continues!

Today, we put a lot of screws into the walls of our huge boot. We started to attach a wacky, hole-y piece we found in "scrap alley" last week before realizing that we needed to attach an extra to keep it from wobbling! 

When attaching the plywood, we realized we made a mistake—we needed spacers between the ply and the structure walls to be able to attach it. Luckily, small hands are really good at drilling in tight spaces!

We also started working on wheel supports, cutting 2x3s to make cross-beam supports under the shoes and braces for the wheels. The drill press helped us line up our bolt holes — and was super exciting to use!

We realized we needed a door! So Jack and Sloane got on it - cutting a door panel to shape using the band saw.

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