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Thursday After School - Day 5

Puppet Show (Spring 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment


Our crew of puppeteers raised the walls of our theater and made huge progress on our first puppet, Bob-the-Builder (who, rumor has it, is now going to be a chef!). 

A group of four tinkerers came together to clamp the wall frames in place, drill a gazillion holes, and drive a bazillion screws. They worked in teams of two - one hole driller, one screw driver - modeling teamwork and efficiency!

Next, we found big sheets of plywood to sheath the sides of our theater. Soon after, we got straight to work in our drill pairs!

Oh Jeez! This was about the time that we realized we would need to move a board of wood that had been screwed in but was now trapped behind a big sheet of ply. We decided that instead of removing the entire plywood wall, we would instead remove the screws by other means! Out came the hand saw! 

Meanwhile, the puppet team was hard at work - finishing their design for Bob's body, cutting it out on the band saw, drilling holes for knees and elbow joints, and putting it all together with screws, bolts, and nuts!

At the end of the day, we shared details of our progress, stories of both challenge and appreciation, and goals for the upcoming week.

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