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Team Puppet Theater (THUR) - Week 6

Caroline ScanlanComment

Some updates from the puppeteers:

Today, our puppet - Bob the Chef - got his head (complete with chef's hat) and second arm attached!

The moveable shoulder and elbow joints were both attached with bolts and nuts. 

Here are some tinkerers, deciding on what Bob's head might look like:

Meanwhile, a group of us were getting our theater into shape. We first needed to cut two pieces of plywood to length for the front wall of our theater.

This task required a new tool: the circular saw! We used the elevated deck and our handy circular saw track to keep the saw in line as we made long straight cuts. 

We decided it would be easiest to flip the theater on its back to attach the front walls, so that's what we did!

Our final task of the day was to imagine how we might raise and lower different pieces of scenery for our puppet show. We decided to rig up a pulley system that could be operated by two puppeteers inside of the theater.

Some tinkerers screwed in the pulleys. 

While others worked on scenery design.

Check out our puppet theater by the end of the day:


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