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Tractor Time (WED) - Week 7

Tractor (Spring 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

Hi families and fans! Last session, we finished our afternoon of tinkering with a fully functional steam-roller tractor! Check out this collection of photos to see snapshots from our day:

A few tinkerers were hard at work crafting "shaft collars" to keep the tractor wheels from sliding around on their axils. Here, a tinkerer uses the drill press to cut big, even, round holes into a piece of 2x3.

Next, cutting the 2x3 into segments for each "collar."

Now, drilling holes for screws that will give the collars a tight squeeze for gripping the metal axil and keeping the wheel from sliding.

Check it out! This is what it looks like at the end of the day:

Meanwhile, other tinkerers are attaching the top of the tractor cab. 


It's those tricky angled holes again!

Adding more structural support for the body to keep it from wiggling.

And finally, building the bench!

We accomplished all of our major tasks for the day! Awesome! We're excited for our final week to give the tractor some finishing touches :)

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