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Team Puppet Theater (THUR) Week 7

Puppet Show (Spring 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

A quick photo update from last week's tinkering:

Making Puppets! 

Bob gets some finishing touches on his chef's hat:

And handles for moving his arms:

Check out Bob-the-builder-chimpanzee-chef!

Now, back to the puppet drawing board. Next, a centipede:

And ants...

Building a Theater!

Meanwhile, we had a crew working on the hanging scenery: an oven with an opening door!

We got to use the jig saw for making some important cuts. A new tool for many!


And now, attaching hinges for the swinging door:

We also hung fabric to cover the back of our theater. 

We used an industrial-strength staple gun to keep the fabric nice and snug. 

We also spent loads of tinkering time figuring out how to rig up the front curtain. Eventually, we decided on pulleys. 

But we realized our design only lifted the curtain halfway.

So we tested a "weave through" design, which caught more fabric as the cord was pulled...


And it seemed to work pretty well!

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