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Please, Sit Back and Enjoy the Show

Puppet Show (Spring 2016)Nathan SavoyComment

With the final day upon us the puppet theater crew could feel the "crunch time" in the air. Together we had come so far in both the design and construction of our production. In effort to create an entire puppet show in just 8 short sessions we had already achieved all our goals we had set out to accomplish on day one. We had made new friends, we had made mistakes, we had tried really hard and with an eight foot theater towering above all of us, we had definitely built something bigger then ourselves. But with just an hour before show time we still had a lot left to do. When we begun our afternoon not a single component was show ready or complete.  

The theater still needed work.


The props still needed work. 

The puppets still needed work. 

With absolutely no time left for a first (final?!?) run through the stage managers held the doors to the auditorium (shop) while the performers decided on roles and slipped in a 2 minute a dry run (the troupes only) rehearsal before the one-time only performance. 
The show must go on! 

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