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Roving Vehicles - Week 5 - Boys & Girls Clubs - Willie Mays Clubhouse

B&GCLub - WM (Fall 2018)Brendon BellComment

Beep beep! Welcome back to the garage of our roving vehicles. Things have been moving fast around here to get our karts rolling. Literally! This week we started to attach wheels and work on our steering systems.


Kai drilled out a whole where the steering wheel will be attached , while Keyone and Jayda worked on attaching the front wheels of their kart, and Brendon helped Douglas attach the back wheels on their long kart.


E’Mya used a forstner bit to make a hole big enough for the axel to fit through. Sometimes an extra push is necessary to get the bit all the way through the wood and in this case George helped E’Mya with a partner push to make it through.


Today’s goal was to ride the karts and the groups worked persistently to reach their outcome. Douglass, Ja’Darius and George worked on attaching the platform to their kart. Brendon helped Douglass with the jig saw and Ja’Darius and George focused on screwing it to their frame.


In another group Richae and Jayda used a chuck drill with a large drill bit to make the wholes for their axle. Clamping the wood to the bench allowed them to work independently and keep two hands for safety on the drill at all times. Both Jayda and Richae used one hand to push down on the drill, which we teach at tinkering school to make sure we get the bit through the wood.


Working down to the wire, Kai finished drilling out the last whole on his team’s kart and they got all of the wheels and steering attached!


Marissa tested out the kart and, UH OH! It was dragging on the ground. Things to work on next week! That is why we TINKER. The group discussed possible solutions to the problem and chose to shorten the length of the kart. We added the next steps to our checklist, including a motor! and called it a day.


See you next time! Check out more photos from the day below.


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