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Thank Goodness It's Friday Open Shop

After SchoolNathan Savoy

Our Friday after school session of open shop is showing some serious potential. It was the first time in our space for most of these tinkerers but they showed up prepared. Their curious, attentive and responsive attitude ensured we were super efficient with tool training- which was great since this group of guys were really egger to begin building! Our afternoon flew by so fast that we forgot to snap some photos until the end when we had some very, very excited builders stocked on constructing benches, stools and chairs. 

Check out their independent focus in real time in the video below. I find the sounds of this active shop almost meditative.

Justin positions a clamp along one end of a three legged stool 

Lee accepts the challenge of taking his stool vertical while Henry pauses from drilling a hole and looks on 

Determined to take home a completed project, Nico stuck around constructing into setting sun. The result: one really fulfilled kid, a hard afternoon's work and a super sturdy stool! 

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