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Thought's on Tuesday

Nathan Savoy

Our second tuesday after school session, picked right up where we left off with completing tool training. Drills are fairly complex tools so we took our time reviewing their various "bits" before we practiced drilling holes and driving screws. 

Cami alingns her drill, preparing to drive a piliot hole

driving a 2 driving a 2" drill bit through 3 inches of wood can be challenging to a 5 year old. Anaya tries to leverage her body weight to push her drill into the wood

Prepared with the knowledge of how to use the basic tools in our shop, the kids are egger to begin building. But what?!? We circle up in the art studio to reveal our sessions project.. A FLOATING ROOM! 

Each prepared with blank paper and pencils to capture our ideas we begin to draw and design. How big is it? What is made of? How will it float? What does the room look like?

Sometimes it helps to talk out your thoughts. Lukas has so many ideas at once that he decides to share them aloud to Lindsay, while she captures them on paper for him. 

After we drain our brains we take the time to share our thoughts and create a master plan that brings our ideas together.   

Lincoln has the idea that we raise the room on pulleys attached to the rafters of the shop space.

We agree that suspending the room by a pulley system is best, so faced with new constraints of where the floating room will hang we take some time inspect the shop space, considering it's space and size. We learn that not all rafters are load bearing and so choosing the right location proves to be a really important first step. Once we have selected a space it's time to determine size. 

The groups check out the shop space's structural support. 

Siblings Ida and Lincoln work together taking measurements to determine the size of the room

Lindsay compilies the groups ideas and measurments together and puts them on our masterplan

We finish the day with the beginnings of frame for of the floor for our floating room. What a wonderful working session

Cami and Lukas pair up to attach parts of the floor frame. Having one person drill and one drive screws proves to be much more efficient then working alone and switching out drill bits.   

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