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Thanksgiving Break Camp - Day 3

Frannie DiBonaComment

Today was a day full of great alterations and great successes, the perfect way to end this three day workshop! Our giant's "food cube" got a revamp to the "food cone" and the mouth got some serious accessories. A full spread of thanksgiving food was also created for our giant.

As usual, we started our day with tool training. Sofia, pictured here, makes her first cut of the day.

Zach creates a clamp structure. As the days have gone on, the clamp training structures get even more intense! 

We did another test run so that we could all see our progress so far, and then talked about what needed to be accomplished today. We decided our food cube needed to be lighter, and the mouth needed some dressing up and a better bumper. 

Laila and Ethan think about how we can make our rope better.

To solve our weight problem, we decided to scrap our food cube and turn it into a food cone!

Marabelle shows the camera how the food cone will look like the cones on her shirt, but upside down.

Zachary shows off the finished cone! Way lighter, and way more neon thanks to some paracord!

We did a test run with our food in it and located some small bumps we needed to fix! But overall it's looking like a success!

We write down our tasks and get to it!

David and Siena find some eyes and they bring our giant to life!

When everyone finished their tasks, they created food!

We set up for our final tests...

...and they worked beautifully! Everyone got a turn to try out feeding the giant, and we finished this week with an air of success and completion and a giant with a very full belly! 

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