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Winter Break Camp Day 4

Iditarod Winter 2016Caroline ScanlanComment

Make Mistakes and Learn from Them!

Here at Tinkering School, we have four big goals that keep us motivated to tinker, tinker all week long:

  1. Collaborate and Make Friends
  2. Make Mistakes and Learn from Them
  3. Try Harder than Usual
  4. Build Something BIGGER than Yourself!

We  do a lot of other great things here in this building, like learning how to use cool tools and building neato projects, but those are just the icing and sprinkles on top!

At the end of each day this week, we've been reflecting on one of those four goals. Today, we asked the tinkerers to "think about a time during the day when you made a mistake and learned from it!" Everyone had a moment to reflect privately, record their thoughts on paper, and share with the larger group. Every single person had a story to tell! Here, we hope to normalize failure as an essential part of the learning and discovery process. But we don't just stop there...mistakes and failures are most useful when we have lessons to learn from them! 

Check out a few of the mistakes and failures that we learned from today!

Here are a handful more photos that capture the tinkering that took place today! Remember that you can always check out the larger photo albums on our Tinkering School Flickr feed !

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