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Winter Break Camp Day 5

Caroline ScanlanComment

WHOA! What a day. We are exhausted and so pumped about our week. We definitely built some thing (many things, in fact) bigger than ourselves. Here are some of the highlights from the last day of TEAM IDITAROD!

Making a list and checking it twice...

Brainstorming a design for the lip of our sled. Sometimes you just need to brainstorm with your hands!

Putting the finishing touches on those arctic trees:

Working together to put the wheels on the sled. It came down. to. the. wire. But we got it done!

Trying our hardest to work on the bridge. It turns out that we didn't finish it all the way. Sometimes that happens at Tinkering School. But that's okay, because "finishing the project" is never one of our primary goals!

Having fun with this cool thing that we'd built at the end of the day! Guess what...it worked!

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