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President's Day Camp - Day 2

President's Day 2017Accounts at BrightworksComment

We had a fabulous day! It was sunny and full of helpful collaboration between our teams. Everyone arrived with lots of energy and excitement about the projects for today. After a lively check in, we separated into our teams to continue working on our Kangaroo, Kiwi, Pencil Kitty, and People Box.

While most teams are working with wood, the pencil kitty team decided to work with fabric to make the kitty soft. It's important to remember that tinkering goes beyond wood, and that learning any process through the exploration of imagination meets the tinkering definition.


It was such a nice day that we took a break to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. We played an educational relay race, enjoyed each others company in the sun and got back to work.

We measured and sawed wood, outlined and cut fabric, drilled holes, and mastered the band and jig saws to create the shapes that will become the kiwi and kangaroo.

We had a safe and fun time. We should be right on schedule to complete or project by the end of camp.


One thing that makes Tinkering School hum is when we have return tinkerers who are willing to share a skill they've learned before. Soleil really understands the dynamics of wheel and axel and led her own workshop for members of the kiwi team.


Even our smallest tinkerers can be empowered to use all the tools. They may need an additional hand here and there but they are always able to get the job done.


Nearly everyone had a learning moment today. There were mistakes and opportunities for children to grow, learn, and do better. And that's what its all about.

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