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President's Day Camp - Day 3

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Day 3 started with a reflection on the amazing progress from the days before and a check-in about the tasks needed to complete our respective goals. We may have even strategized a plan to make it to the park - if we tried harder than normal.

After two days of seemingly random limbs, suddenly the kangaroo started taking shape. Not only did  the kangaroo team get to learn from their mistake in frame assembly and get to do it twice, Claire Dragon took a deep dive in articulated joint construction. 


Claire showing the moveable kangaroo leg


On the kiwi crew, the focus was 100% and the eagerness to build was off the charts. The team quickly gathered to identify the tasks that needed completion, and split up to get the job done. Owen and Kaden collaborated to make a cylinder for the head that could hold the beak, as well as firmly attach to the body. Meanwhile, Emma, Scarlett, and Sophie worked on attaching the bendable legs onto the sides.

The Kiwi crew attaching the opening and closing mouth

Lunch break at the park

After lunch, Claire and Gever collaborated on bringing the kangaroo to life. Tinkering School finds that collaborating one-on-one on technical skills helps the tinkerers' skills to leap forward. 

The kiwi team really pulled it together today with tireless problem solving and moments of fun. In the image below you can see the sense of pride in Sophie's face as she shares the finished kiwi legs.

Sophie with a pair of kiwi legs

Tinkering really is all about collaboration and building things bigger than ourselves. The kiwi team really personified that this week. Not only do we have have a reeealllly looooonng kiiiii-wiiiii, it was our pleasure to watch friendships form through the power of imagination.

Taking the Ki-wiiii for a test drive

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